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Our website is refreshed with more to come.

Be part of our VA. Here you'll find people that want to learn, to teach, and you'll have fun doing that!

Fly in numbers

Fly is all about your pilots! Every single flown hour, every schedule, everything due to our eagles!

My evolution as a Fly Pilot

Taking off...

The first steps:

  • Fulfill your registration.

  • Evaluation? Not now...

  • Start with your best fried: Cessna C172.

Cruise level...

Stay active:

  • At least 2 flights/month.

  • Online or Offline

  • Participate in events.

Keep a leveled flight...

Participate! Participate! Participate!

  • Participate in events with the Fly Team.

  • Cordiality is the key when online.

  • Be part of any network.

General Aviation

Are you one of those who like to fly the "little ones"?

Welcome to Fly, here you will find an aircraft for that VFR, or to train that Arc-DME. From analog to the most advanced.

"The apple of your eyes"

Passionate about airlines? Here is your place!

Boeing, Airbus, there is no feud here. Everyone is welcome and will find the perfect aircraft to fly!

"The Geezer"

Wanna fly that aircraft that reminds you of childhood? Come to Fly!

You'll have a lot of work to do with our "veteran"!

All up to date...

Prefer Glass-cockpit? G1000, G3000, G3x?

Find here the aircraft with the most advanced avionics available. The routes are there to be fulfilled!