Some history

Fly Airlines can be considered the pioneer of low-cost/low-fare companies in Brazil. Founded in 1995, was short-lived, but quite troubled. Come fly with us and get to know the interesting story of this company.

Text by Gianfranco Beting written for Flap Magazine (24/04/2012)

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The company was born in 1995, as a charter company (charter flights), but over time it started to perform regular flights. Although it was a low-cost (low-cost/low-fare) company, it offered a differentiated service and high quality.

It had a short history, only 11 years old, and in the beginning it enjoyed good growth and a great occupation. With the excellent use of its only aircraft, it managed to acquire its second model 727-200, with the brand new FLY-CLASS (first class like).

The company's flights reached destinations like Recife, João Pessoa, São Paulo (GRU), Rio de Janeiro (its headquarters), Natal and Fortaleza. The success was so great that VARIG itself made an offer to buy the company.

The arrival of the new millennium was the culmination of FLY, which had already carried more than 300 thousand passengers and had doubled its fleet, with 4 aircraft. In 2000, the currency shock sent dollar up, making replacement and maintenance costs very high. In addition, in 2002 FLY faced competition from TAM, which was the largest domestic airline, and since 2001 there was the "orange" Gol Airlines, which came with a more modern proposal, was more capitalized and competed for precisely the niche that FLY wanted to occupy.

In 2003 the company lost its key parts: punctuality and regularity. In the last weeks, its flights left with huge delays, were merged or canceled without notice, causing huge discontent in its passengers. So FLY disappeared from map, closing its 13 stores, failing to update the website. In 2006, the commercial director, Ricardo Luiz Bürger stated that FLY would return, which obviously did not happen.


In the beginning FLY operated with a painting similar to that of Royal Air Maroc, the white plane with red and green stripes, replacing only the name above the windows. Subsequently, the bands became blue and yellow and then it created its own green and blue paint that was its brand during it short life span.

A fifth aircraft was even ordered (PP-SAB), but never delivered.

FLY Virtual

In 2019, at the beginning of the year, two aviation freaks started talking about their desire to create a Virtual Airline. We wanted something emblematic, that would mark people, so Jeferson suggested we recreate FLY's operations.

I, Danilo, in addition to being passionate about aviation, am passionate about technology, so I joined my desire to create a Virtual Airline with the desire to create a system for Virtual Airlines. So we started the creation of FLYv.

To bring nostalgia from times when FLY flew, the most obvious choice would be the destinations it operated. It would also bring the glamor of Boeing 727-200. However, we would be restricted to a small audience. So we decided to do what Ricardo Luiz Bürger said in 2006: bring FLY back with prestige and up-to-date (at least on Virtual right ;D ).

We entered in this footprint. We made the textures with its original colors and brought the best on market: Boeing 737-800, Embraer E-195 and Boeing 777-300ER (that's right, we will operate internationally). To make it cooler, we chose one of best ACARS on market and built a brand new system.

Do you know what we really want with all this!? May our pilots have fun and relive the golden age of FLY Airlines!