Fly Virtual Airlines stuck mainly in a relaxed atmosphere but with a hint of reality, taking to the virtual skies the name of an airline that we admire.


To apply, the pilot must be over 15 years old and register via portal. When starting a career as a Flyer, during the first 10 hours, only C172 model will be available. You can fly online/offline, but without complying with domestic routes.

From registration the pilot has 7 calendar days to start his activities, if no flight starts during this period the registration will be deleted and a period of 2 weeks will be required for a new registration.


After reaching 20 flown hours, two more aircraft will be released: C208 and PC12. From that moment it is possible to attend regular flights and charters. However, before starting his flights in this new rank, the pilot will pass a theoretical exam based on the contents below. After taking the exam, you will receive the result within 24 hours.

If it fails, a new exam can be done in 3 days, and you can repeat the exam only 3 consecutive times. Failing any of these attempts, a new 10-hour cycle will be required using C172.


  • Air traffic regulations;
  • Flight plan preparation;
  • Air Charter Navigation and Interpretations;
  • Meteorology;
  • Phraseology.

After approval, you will have 7 days to make your first flight in regular or charter categories, if within that period no flight is performed, your registration is automatically deleted and a period of 2 months for new application becomes effective.


The pilot can choose to fly ONLINE or OFFLINE. For ONLINE flights one must respect and comply with regulation of the desired network (IVAO/VATSIM), mutual respect and ensure safety in flight operation should be performed.

*For international flights, a minimum knowledge of English is essential.


Flying on a VA means participating. Thus, we propose a minimum of 2 flights in a period of 30 days. Failure to comply with this minimum results in automatic inactivation. Within 60 days, reactivation can be requested by email from HR ( Being reactivated, there are 7 days to make 1 flight, if within this period no log is sent the registration will be deleted without notice.

After 60 days of inactivity, the registration is automatically deleted, and the pilot can register again, but returning as a Pilot Student and with his hours reset.


Accelerating, reducing or pausing simulation while flying is prohibited. Flight records sent with a different simulation rate than normal or with a pause during the flight will be rejected. We indicate that in control settings, disable buttons referring to SLEW/PAUSE.


FLY's flight registration program is TFDi Design's smartCARS. The program records all flight parameters necessary for company's control and also send and update hours flown by the pilot. Manual flight records will not be accepted, unless instructed by our team.


The pilot can and should participate in events that FLY organizes/participates. We require participation in at least 1 every 3 events. Failure to comply with this rule may result in temporary suspension or termination of pilot registration.


FLY Virtual Airlines fleet consists of these aircraft

Cessna 172ATR 72-500Airbus A330
Cessna C208 Grand CaravanEmbraer 195Boeing 747-800
Pilatus PC-12Airbus A319Boeing 767-3 Freighter
Airbus A320Boeing 777-200 Freighter
Boeing 737-800Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-9


Fly Virtual Airlines has unpaid aviation enthusiasts on its staff, so if you need help, the average response time is up to 48 hours outside business hours, and the only means of communication for SUPPORT, REQUESTS, PRAISE or COMPLAINTS are via E-MAIL, through contact form on portal or in the SUPPORT area at OFD.

If the pilot needs help to resolve problems with schedules, aircraft or routes, he may request to Operations Department via e-mail:

The HR Department will be able to help with any relevant questions regarding registration, account re-activation and registration re-evaluation via e-mail:

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